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Table 1 Research approaches on the task of acoustic surveillance.

From: An Adaptive Framework for Acoustic Monitoring of Potential Hazards

Reference Atypical sound classes Model adaptation Environments Classifier Features Database
Proposed approach Scream, gunshot and explosion MAP adaptation of GMMs Metro station, urban and military setting GMM MFCC, MPEG-7, CB-TEO, Intonation Large audio corpora from professional sound effects collections
Clavel et al. [3] Fear-type emotions GMM Prosody, audio quality, spectral, cepstral SAFE corpus
Valenzise et al. [4] Scream and gunshot Public square GMM Temporal, spectral, cepstral, correlation Movie soundtracks, internet and people shouts
Radhakrishnan and Divakaran [5] Banging and non-neutral speech Elevator GMM MFCC Elevator recordings
Clavel et al. [6] Gunshot Public space GMM MFCC, spectral moments CDs for the national French public radio
Harma et al. [7] Interesting events in an office Noise spectrum update Office Threshold, clustering Temporal, spectral Recordings from an office room
Rouas et al. [8] Shout Adaptive threshold for sound activity detection Railway GMM, SVM Energy, MFCC Recorded during 4 scenarios
Vacher et al. [9] Scream and glass break Apartment GMM Wavelet based cepstral coefficients Laboratory recordings and RCWP
Atrey et al. [10] Shout Office corridor GMM ZCR, LPC, LPCC, LFCC Recorded in office corridor