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Table 1 Coding Systems represented in the database being under test.

From: Analysis of Salient Feature Jitter in the Cochlea for Objective Prediction of Temporally Localized Distortion in Synthesized Speech

Index Codec name
1 original
2 G728_clean_0
3 LPspeech_clean_0, low pass filter,
8 G729_clean_0
11 emMELP52_quiet_0
14 MELPWI52_quiet_0
31 E1 (Combined Melp and WI, 5.2 kbps—in quiet)
32 F1 (G729a 8 kbps—in quiet)
49 E4 (MELPe_fix 1.2 kbps, 42 bit quantizer—1% random BER)
50 F4 (G729a 8 kbps—1% random BER)