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Table 1 Table summarizing the methodological context and main results for studies A1, A2, B, C, and D (see corresponding sections above and Appendix B for further details).

From: Environmental Sound Perception: Metadescription and Modeling Based on Independent Primary Studies

  A—Car interior B—Air-conditioning units C—Car horns D—Car door closing
Corpus A1: 16 snds 3rd gear, 4000 rpm 19 sounds (4 synthesized) 22 sounds 12 sounds
  A2: 14 snds, 5th gear, 3500 rpm    
Results A1: 3 dim., specif., 1 lat. class. 3 dim., specif., 5 lat. class. 3 dim., specif., 6 lat. class. 3 dim.
  A2: 2 dim., specif., 1 lat. class.    
Descriptors A1, dim.1: RAPmv-A dim.1: NHR-A dim.1: Roughness dim.1: Spectral centroid
  A1, dim.2: CGg-ERB dim.2: -B dim.2: Spectral centroid dim.2: Cleanness indicator
  A1, dim.3: Dec dim.3: N (Loudness) dim.3: Spectral deviation dim.3:
  A2, dim.1: rad-2N/0.5N    
  A2, dim.2: CGg-C