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Table 7 Descriptions of sounds divided by category.

From: Semantic Labeling of Nonspeech Audio Clips

Source Description
HumanVocal Vocal sounds made by human, such as coughing and laughing
HumanContact Actions performed by human, such as walking on the snow and knocking on the door.
HumanScene Complex event that involves humans, such as football game.
NaturalAnimal Sounds made by animals such as birds and crickets.
NaturePhenomenon Sounds generated by natural phenomena such as wind and waves (excluding sounds made by animals).
NatureSemi Sounds resembling sounds occurring in nature, such as people blowing air or splashing water.
ObjectContact Sounds made by contact between two objects, such as a ball hitting a bat.
ObjectRustle Sounds made by object, such as a rustling plastic bag.
ToolVehicles Sounds related to vehicles (cars, boats, planes) as well as their parts.
ToolMechanical Sounds made by mechanical tools, such as scissors and handsaw.
ToolMachine Sounds made by a machine or electric device, such as a drill.
ToolElectronic Electronic devices such as television and radio.
BellAlarm All kinds or alarms and sirens.
BellOrdinary Bells such as doorbells and church bells.
BellSynthetic All synthesized sounds.