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Table 3 Selected 20 acoustic features

From: Semantic structures of timbre emerging from social and acoustic descriptions of music

Domain Name Σ MDA
Rhythm Attack time M 0.23
   SD 0.08
  Fluctuation centr. M 0.63
  Fluctuation peak M 0.58
Spectral Brightness SD 0.39
  Entropy SD 0.66
  Flatness SD 0.60
  Regularity M 0.33
   SD 0.26
  Roll-off SD 0.06
  Roughness M 0.75
  Spread M 0.54
Spectro- Spectral flux M 1.20
Temporal   SD 0.44
Tonal Chromagram centr. M 0.98
   SD 0.35
  Chromagram peak M 0.60
  Harmonic change M 0.50
   SD 0.61
  Key clarity M 0.07
  1. Σ stands for the summary measure, where M = mean and SD = standard deviation. MDA is the Mean Decrease Accuracy in classification of the five meta-clusters by the acoustic features using RF.