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Table 7 Main categories of tags

From: Semantic structures of timbre emerging from social and acoustic descriptions of music

Categories % Definition Examples
Genre 36.72 Musical genre or style Rock, Alternative, Pop
Adjective 12.17 General category of adjectives Beautiful, Mellow, Awesome
Noun 9.41 General category of nouns Love, Melancholy, Memories
Artist 8.67 Artists or group names Coldplay, Radiohead, Queen
Locale 8.03 Geographic situation or locality British, American, Finnish
Personal 6.80 Words used to manage personal collections Seen Live, Favourites, My Radio
Instrument 4.83 Sound source Female vocalists, Piano, Guitar
Unknown 3.79 Unclassifiable aitch, prda, < 3
Temporal 2.41 Temporal circumstance 80's, 2000, Late Romantic
Form 2.22 Musical form or compositional technique Ballad, Cover, Fusion
Commercial 1.72 Record label, radio station, etc. Motown, Guitar Hero, Disney
Verb 1.63 General category of verbs Chillout, Relax, Wake up
Content 1.03 Emphasis in the message or literary content Political, Great lyrics, Love song
Expression 0.54 Exclamations Wow, Yeah, lol