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Figure 7 | EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing

Figure 7

From: Semitone frequency mapping to improve music representation for nucleus cochlear implants

Figure 7

CTM outputs for the Std (a), Smt-LF (b) and Smt-MF (c) mapping, for a sequence of 36 synthetic musical tones (C3 to B5) each consisting of the first 5 partials and lasting 150 ms. The x-axis also represents the tones ordered along the musical scale. It can be seen that with Smt-LF and Smt-MF, the relationship between partials (as illustrated by the logarithmically distributed channels along the y-axis) remains the same for all input tones. With the Std mapping, the relationship between partials varies depending on the pitch of the input tone, and at lower frequencies, the partials cannot even be resolved.

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