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Table 1 The TPMs for Mandarin with the example (wonderful)

From: Speaker-dependent model interpolation for statistical emotional speech synthesis

  ch chi chiu chu d di du f g gu h hu j ji jiu ju k ku
initial l li liu lu m mi n nu ni p pi ru sh shi shiu shu su t
models ti tsu tu tzu wu niu b bi jr chr shr r sz tsz tz yi yu
  a{H,L,M} ai{H,L} ang{H,L} an{H,L} au{H,L} chr{H,L}
tonal-final e{H,L,M} eh{H,L} ei{H,L} en{H,L,M} er{H,L} jr{H,L}
models ng{H,L} o{H,L,M} ou{H,L,M} r{H,L} shr{H,L} sz{H,L}
  tsz{H,L} tz{H,L,M} wu{H,L} yi{H,L} yu{H,L}
example tonal syllable tai(4) bang(4) le(0)
  tonal phone t aiH aiL b angH angL l eM eM