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Table 2 Identifier, title and artist of the files of the first test database T1

From: Percussive/harmonic sound separation by non-negative matrix factorization with smoothness/sparseness constraints

Identifier Title Artist
T 1_01 In my place Coldplay
T 1_02 La bamba Los Lobos
T 1_03 Livin’ on a prayer Bon Jovi
T 1_04 No one to depend on Santana
T 1_05 Ring of fire Johnny Cash
T 1_06 Rooftops Lost prophets
T 1_07 So lonely The Police
T 1_08 Song 2 Blur
T 1_09 Sultans of swing Dire Straits
T 1_10 Under pressure Queen
T 1_11 Are you gonna go my way Lenny Kravitz
T 1_12 Feel the pain Dinosaur Jr
T 1_13 Hollywood nights Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
T 1_14 Hurts so good John Mellencamp
T 1_15 Kick out the jams MC5’s Wayne Kramer
T 1_16 Make it wit chu Queens Of The Stone Age
T 1_17 One way or another Blondie
T 1_18 Shiver Coldplay
T 1_19 Shout it out loud Kiss
T 1_20 Sympathy for the devil The Rolling Stones