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Table 2 Details of recording conditions for impulse response measurement

From: Deep neural network-based bottleneck feature and denoising autoencoder-based dereverberation for distant-talking speaker identification

Array number Room Array type RT60 (s)
(a) CENSREC-4 database for training
1 Japanese style room Linear 0.40
2 Japanese style bath Linear 0.60
3 Elevator hall Linear 0.75
(b) RWCP database for testing
4 Echo room (cylinder) Circle 0.38
5 Tatami-floored room (S) Circle 0.47
6 Tatami-floored room (L) Circle 0.60
7 Conference room Circle 0.78
8 Echo room (panel) Linear 1.30
  1. RT60 (second), reverberation time in room. S, small. L, large.