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Table 6 List of sources in the solo music database

From: Biomimetic spectro-temporal features for music instrument recognition in isolated notes and solo phrases

Album title Year recorded Instrument
Music for solo piano (1960–2001) 2007 Piano
Music for solo piano 2005 Piano
Six sonatas and partitas for violin solo 2006–7 Violin
Sequenza 1994 Violin
Bach cello suites 1982 Cello
Sonatas nos. 1 and 2 for 2009 Cello
unaccompanied cello   
Solo cello : 20th century works for 1999 Cello
solo cello   
Yamaon 1997 Saxophone
Exhibition of saxophone 2002 Saxophone
Absolute solo! 1996 Saxophone
Music for solo clarinet and orchestra 2001 Clarinet
Three pieces for clarinet solo 1986 Clarinet
Clarinet XX Vol1 2002 Clarinet
Michael Nyman Yamamoto Perpetuo for 2008 Flute
solo flute   
Cornucopia 2003 Flute
The hallelujah tree 2005 Flute
And blue sparks burn 2006 Flute
Summer Shimmers 2008 Flute
Gardens of Anna Maria Luisa de Medici 2005 Flute