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Table 7 Participants in the ALBAYZIN QbE STD 2012 and 2014 evaluations along with their submitted systems

From: Comparison of ALBAYZIN query-by-example spoken term detection 2012 and 2014 evaluations

Team ID Research institution Year System/s
TID Telefonica Research, 2012 DTW-Zero
  Barcelona, Spain   
GTTS University of the Basque Country, 2012 P1B-STD
  Bilbao, Spain   
ELiRF Politechnical University of Valencia, 2012 P1L-STD
  Valencia, Spain   DTW-Spanish
GTM AtlantTIC Research Center, University 2014 Fusion + Post.
  of Vigo, Vigo, Spain   Fusion
  1. Post. posteriorgram