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Fig. 3

From: Impact of acoustic similarity on efficiency of verbal information transmission via subtle prosodic cues

Fig. 3

TANDEM-STRAIGHT toolbox for voice morphing. a Flow chart of TANDEM-STRAIGHT for voice synthesis. TANDEM-STRAIGHT extracts the F0 and aperiodicity of the input speech signal as the source parameters. The signal’s spectrogram information was used together with its F0 to obtain the filter parameters. While morphing, the weighted average of all the parameters from the two source signals (also included other information such as mapping information in time and frequency domains) were used to re-synthesize the voice, based on the source-filter model. b Time anchor panel for voice morphing. The diagonally oriented square is the distance matrix of signal A and signal B. The white circles in the distance matrix are anchored points, which can be determined manually. White lines between anchored points show the aligned frames

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