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Table 2 The three pairs of stimulus sentences used in the perception experiment

From: On the perception of “segmental intonation”: F0 context effects on sibilant identification in German

Vowel context
(phonolg. short)
Question sentence English translation Target word and sibilant
[ı] Kaufst Du noch Viss?” Will you buy Viss? (a well-known German detergent brand) [fɪs]
Kaufst Du noch Fisch?” Will you buy fish? [fɪʃ]
[a] Hast Du einen Pass?” Do you have a passport? [phas]
Hast Du einen Pasch?” Did you throw a doublet? (with dices) [phaʃ]
[ʊ] Siehst Du den Bus?” Do you see the bus? [ʊs]
Siehst Du den Busch?” Do you see the bush? [ʊʃ]
  1. The pairs of sentences differ in the final target word or, more specifically, in the sentence-final sibilant. The experimentally relevant difference between the pairs concerns the short vowel preceding the sibilant. Underlining indicates nuclear pitch accents (solid lines) on the sentence-final target words and prenuclear pitch accents (dashed lines) on the sentence-initial verbs