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Table 12 Summary of the best QbE STD system results and the I-Text based-STD system of the ALBAYZIN QbE STD 2016 evaluation

From: ALBAYZIN Query-by-example Spoken Term Detection 2016 evaluation

Best system ID ATWV Data Correct query transcription Fusion Lang-dep.
C-L2F-4-likel fea+DTW fusion 0.3099 Development data NO YES YES
A-GTM-UVigo-3-fea+DTW fusion 0.2646 MAVIR test data NO YES NO
G-SPL-IT-UC-3-phnrec+DTW fusion 0.3011 EPIC test data NO YES YES
I-Text-based STD 0.6559 Development data YES YES YES
I-Text-based STD 0.6260 MAVIR test data YES YES YES
I-Text-based STD 0.8586 EPIC test data YES YES YES