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Table 5 Participants in the ALBAYZIN QbE STD 2016 evaluation along with the submitted systems

From: ALBAYZIN Query-by-example Spoken Term Detection 2016 evaluation

Team ID Research institution Systems
GTM-UVigo AtlantTIC Research Center Universidad de Vigo, Spain A-GTM-UVigo-3-fea+DTW fusion (in-time)
L2F L2F Spoken Language Systems Lab, INESC-ID University of Lisbon, Portugal B-L2F-4-pllr fea+DTW fusion (post-evaluation) C-L2F-4-likel fea+DTW fusion (post-evaluation)
ELiRF-UPV Natural Language Engineering and Pattern Recognition Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, Spain D-ELiRF-UPV-Post+DTW (in-time) E-ELiRF-UPV-Post+DTWNorm (in-time)
SPL-IT-UC Instituto de Telecomunicações University of Coimbra, Portugal F-SPL-IT-UC-4-phnrec+DTW fusion (in-time) G-SPL-IT-UC-3-phnrec+DTW fusion (in-time) H-SPL-IT-UC-2-LIphnrec+DTW fusion (in-time)