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Table 1 Notations of prosodic tags, prosodic-acoustic features and linguistic features

From: A parametric prosody coding approach for Mandarin speech using a hierarchical prosodic model

T: prosodic tags B: break types
P: prosodic states p: pitch prosodic states
q: duration prosodic states
r: energy prosodic states
A: prosodic-acoustic
X: syllable prosodic-acoustic features sp: syllable pitch contours
sd: syllable durations
se: syllable energy levels
Y: syllable-juncture prosodic-acoustic features pd: pause durations
ed: energy-dip levels
Z: inter-syllable differential
prosodic-acoustic features
pj: normalized pitch-level jumps
dl: normalized duration lengthening factor 1
df: normalized duration lengthening factor 2
L: linguistic features POS: part-of-speeches
PM: punctuation marks
WL: word lengths
t: tones
s: base-syllable types
f: final types