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Table 3 Side information of the proposed coding system

From: A parametric prosody coding approach for Mandarin speech using a hierarchical prosodic model

Type Parameter no.
Lexical tone APs:βt/γt/ωt 20/5/5
Coarticulation APs: \( {\beta}_{B, tp}^f \)/\( {\beta}_{B, tp}^b \) 720/720
Prosodic state APs: βp/γq/ωr 16/16/16
Global mean APs: μsp/μsd/μse 1/1/1
Base-syllable type and final type APs: γs/ωf 411/40
BDT root node mean: \( {\mu}_T^{pd} \) 7
Total 1979