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Table 10 Top 10 negative distractor events for speech (event labels related to false negative decisions of the network about the “speech” class)

From: Exploring convolutional, recurrent, and hybrid deep neural networks for speech and music detection in a large audio dataset

Event Event ID Ratio \(d^{-}_{sp}\)
Whispering /m/02rtxlg 24/30 0.301
Male singing /t/dd00003 22/52 0.216
Musical instrument /m/04szw 66/293 0.193
Female singing /t/dd00004 19/50 0.191
Singing /m/015lz1 17/45 0.179
Violin, fiddle /m/07y_7 13/23 0.179
Music /m/04rlf 810/5636 0.143
Disco /m/026z9 10/23 0.137
Bass guitar /m/018vs 10/23 0.137
Guitar /m/0342h 34/204 0.134
  1. \(d^{-}_{sp}\) score (Eq. 12) is used to rank the events. The ratio column shows the number of false negatives for speech where the distractor event label is found (numerator) and the number of speech segments that contain the distractor event (denominator)