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Table 12 Top-10 negative distractor events for music (event labels related to false negative decisions of the network about the “Music” class)

From: Exploring convolutional, recurrent, and hybrid deep neural networks for speech and music detection in a large audio dataset

Event Event ID Ratio \(d^{-}_{mu}\)
Animal /m/0jbk 32/84 0.230
Speech /m/09x0r 1266/5617 0.223
Inside, small room /t/dd00125 49/166 0.221
Vehicle /m/07yv9 39/135 0.205
Domestic animals, pets /m/068hy 19/40 0.199
Dog /m/0bt9lr 16/27 0.194
Outside, rural /t/dd00129 22/61 0.190
Flute /m/0l14j_ 13/17 0.180
Outside, urban /t/dd00128 20/63 0.169
Television /m/07c52 15/40 0.157
  1. \(d^{-}_{mu}\) score (Eq. 14) is used to rank the events. The ratio column shows the number of false negatives for music where the distractor event label is found (numerator) and the number of music segments that contain the distractor event (denominator)