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Table 13 Overlapping low-level descriptors in language pairs that are in the top 150 MRMR-selected features

From: Depression-level assessment from multi-lingual conversational speech data using acoustic and text features

Low-level descriptor Description
MFCC 1-16 Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient is a common used automatic speech recognition (ASR) feature, in the Avec 2013 feature set 16 dimension were used.
Energy Sum squares of amplitudes of a signal.
Spectral harmonicity Number of the harmonics in a signal.
Spectral skewness The third order moment of the power spectrum.
Jitter (local) Variation of the fundamental period from one single period towards the next.
Jitter (DDP) Delta period-to-period jitter can be defined as “Jitter of the Jitter”. It is explained as the change between two successive period-to-period jitters.