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Table 14 Overlapping functionals in language pairs that are in the top 150 MRMR-selected features

From: Depression-level assessment from multi-lingual conversational speech data using acoustic and text features

Statistical functionals Description
Relative mean of peaks Proportion of the mean of the peak amplitudes to the mean of windowed feature.
Kurtosis Fourth order moment.
Skewness Third order moment.
Up-level time Number of frames that the feature is above a threshold. The threshold percentiles are set to 25, 50, 75, and 90.
Minimum segment length Minimum length of a particular segment.
Mean segment length Arithmetic mean of a particular segment.
Inter quartile range 1-2-3 (IQR) The range between two percentiles. The possible combination of quartiles are 1–3, 1–2, and 2–3.
Mean distance between peaks The mean of distances between the peaks.
Rise-time The time where the feature contour is rising.
Percentile 1.0 The minimum value of a feature.