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Table 1 Full list of audio stimuli (1/2). In each instrument, a blank space in the rightmost column denotes the ordinary playing technique (ordinario)

From: Time–frequency scattering accurately models auditory similarities between instrumental playing techniques

Name Instrument Mute Playing technique
ASax-key-cl-C4-p Alto saxophone   Key click
ASax-ord-C4-mf Alto saxophone   
ASax-ord-hi-reg-C6-mf Alto saxophone   
ASax-slap-C4-mf Alto saxophone   Slap tonguing
ASax-slap-unp-C4-p Alto saxophone   Unpitched slap tonguing
BbCl-key-cl-C4-pp Soprano clarinet   Key click
BbCl-ord-hi-reg-A6-ff Soprano clarinet   
BBTb-explo-slap-C#1-mf Bass tuba   Explosive slap
BBTb-pdl-tone-F1-mf Bass tuba   Pedal tone
BBTb-slap-F1-mf Bass tuba   Slap tonguing
BBTb-slap-unp-mf-1 Bass tuba   Unpitched slap tonguing
Bn-key-cl-C3-mf Bassoon   Key click
Bn-ord-C4-mf Bassoon   
Cb-pizz-bartok-C4-ff-1c Contrabass   Pizzicato à la Bartók (snap)
Cb-pizz-lv-C4-mf-1c Contrabass   Pizzicato and laissez vibrer
Cb-pizz-sec-C4-mf-1c Contrabass   Pizzicato secco
Cb-pont-C4-mf-1c Contrabass   Sul ponticello
Fl-key-cl-C4-f Flute   Key click
Fl-ord-C4-mf Flute   
Fl-tng-ram-C4-mf Flute   Tongue ram
Gtr-ord-C4-mf-2c Spanish guitar   
Gtr-ord-hi-reg-E5-mf-3c Spanish guitar   
Gtr-pizz-bartok-C4-ff-2c Spanish guitar   Pizzicato Bartók
Gtr-pizz-C4-mf-2c Spanish guitar   Pizzicato
Hn-ord-C4-mf French horn   
Hn-slap-C4-mf French horn   Slap tonguing
Hp-harm-fngr-C4-f Harp   Harmonic fingering
Hp-ord-C4-m4 Harp   
Hp-pizz-bartok-C4-mf Harp   Pizzicato Bartók
Hp-xyl-C4-p Harp   Xylophonic
Ob-blow-no-reed-C4 Oboe   Blow without reed
Ob-key-cl-C4-pp Oboe   Key click
Ob-ord-C4-mf Oboe   
TpC-ord-C4-mf Trumpet in C   
TpC-pdl-tone-F3-mf Trumpet in C   Pedal tone
TpC-slap-C4-p Trumpet in C   Slap tonguing
TpC+C-ord-C4-mf Trumpet in C Cup  
TpC+H-ord-C4-mf Trumpet in C Harmon  
TpC+S-ord-C4-mf Trumpet in C Straight  
TpC+W-ord-closed-C4-mf Trumpet in C Wah (closed)  
TpC+W-ord-open-C4-mf Trumpet in C wah (open)