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Table 3 Chord types and their associated emotions [25].

From: Determination of Nonprototypical Valence and Arousal in Popular Music: Features and Performances

Chord Type Example Associated Emotions
Major C Happiness, cheerfulness, confidence, satisfaction, brightness
Minor Cm Sadness, darkness, sullenness, apprehension, melancholy, depression, mystery
Seventh Funkiness, moderate edginess, soulfulness
Major Seventh Romance, softness, jazziness, serenity, exhilaration, tranquillity
Minor Seventh Mellowness, moodiness, jazziness
Ninth Openness, optimism
Diminished Cdim Fear, shock, spookiness, suspense
Suspended Fourth Delightful tension
Seventh, Minor Ninth Creepiness, ominousness, fear, darkness
Added Ninth Steeliness, austerity