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Featured article: "dEchorate: a calibrated room impulse response dataset for echo-aware signal processing"

3D audioThis paper presents a new dataset of measured multichannel room impulse responses (RIRs) named dEchorate. It includes annotations of early echo timings and 3D positions of microphones, real sources, and image sources under different wall configurations in a cuboid room. These data provide a tool for benchmarking recent methods in echo-aware speech enhancement, room geometry estimation, RIR estimation, acoustic echo retrieval, microphone calibration, echo labeling, and reflector position estimation. The dataset is provided with software utilities to easily access, manipulate, and visualize the data as well as baseline methods for echo-related tasks. Read the full article here.


Special issues

Recent advances in computational sound scene analysis
Edited by: Jakob Abeßer, Emmanouil Benetos, Annamaria Mesaros, and Wenwu Wang
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Data-driven Approaches in Acoustic Signal Processing: Methods and Applications
Edited by: Changchun Bao, Nilesh Madhu
Collection published: 28 January 2021

Data-Based Spatial Audio Processing
Edited by: Maximo Cobos, Jens Ahrens, Konrad Kowalczyk, Archontis Politis
Collection published: 30 October 2021

Advances in Audio Signal Processing for Robots and Drones
Edited by: Jesper Rindom Jensen, Antoine Deleforge
Collection published: July 2020

Atypical Speech & Voices: Corpora, Classification, Coaching & Conversion
Edited by: Tiago Falk, Dr Vijay Parsa, Björn Schuller, Elmar Nöth
Collection published: 18 August 2015

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