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Figure 3

From: Linguistically motivated parameter estimation methods for a superpositional intonation model

Figure 3

Outline of the two proposed methods. The corpus comprises wave files, transcription and phonetic F0 contours. A/M-ME means Automatic or Manual Mixdorff Estimation method for parameter extraction.The orthographic transcription (temporal alignment of pauses, part-of-speech and stressed syllables) is combined with the information extracted of models estimated by A/M-ME (mean value of Ap, T 0 r , Aa, T 1 r , T 2−T 1, α, β, γ and Fb), to obtain the prototypes for model initialization. With these prototypes we initialize the L-ME and we re-estimated the parameters of lexical model. In the same way, prosodic transcription (temporal alignment of pauses and syllables with tonal accents) is used to estimate the tonal model.

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