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Figure 7

From: Joint estimation of pitch and direction of arrival: improving robustness and accuracy for multi-speaker scenarios

Figure 7

2D pattern ρ ( φ , f 0 ) of joint DOA and pitch estimation. (a) Resulting pattern for two concurrent sources with f0,1=132 and f0,2=175 Hz and DOA φ1=63° and φ2=124° without spectral comb filtering. (b, c) The patterns after spectral comb filtering for each of the sources. The suppressing influence of the comb filtering is clearly visible. Real recorded vowel utterances from two different speakers where used as sources. The dotted crosses indicate the true source positions. (a) original pattern ρ(φ,f0). (b) ρ(φ,f0) after comb filter for source 1. (c) ρ(φ,f0) after comb filter for source 2.

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