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Table 1 Explanation of adopted abbreviations

From: Structure of pauses in speech in the context of speaker verification and classification of speech type

Parameter Description Parameter Description
s_p Silent pause f29 f_p(m) per minute
f_p(y) Filled pause “yyy” f30 % of f_p(m) time in recording
f_p(m) Filled pause “mmm” f31 mean f_p(m) duration [ms]
b_p Breath pause f32 f_p(m) duration std. dev. [ms]
f1 s_p ≥ 100 ms per minute f33 f_p(m) duration .25 quantile [ms]
f2 % of s_p time in recording f34 f_p(m) duration median [ms]
f3 mean s_p duration [ms] f35 f_p(m) duration .75 quantile [ms]
f4 s_p duration std. dev. [ms] f36 b_p per minute
f5 s_p duration .25 quantile [ms] f37 % of b_p time in recording
f6 s_p duration median [ms] f38 mean b_p duration [ms]
f7 s_p duration .75 quantile [ms] f39 b_p duration std. dev. [ms]
f8 s_p ≥ 150 ms per minute f40 b_p duration .25 quantile [ms]
f9 % of s_p time in recording f41 b_p duration median [ms]
f10 mean s_p duration [ms] f42 b_p duration .75 quantile [ms]
f11 s_p duration std. dev. [ms] f43 #w/min - number of words per minute
f12 s_p duration .25 quantile [ms] f44 #./min - number of sentence per minute
f13 s_p duration median [ms] f45 Mean sentence duration [s]
f14 s_p duration .75 quantile [ms] f46 #w/sent - number of words in sentence
f15 s_p ≥ 200 ms per minute f47 #,/sent - number of phrases per minute
f16 % of s_p time in recording f48 Mean phrase duration [s]
f17 mean s_p duration [ms] f49 #w/phr - number of words per phrase
f18 s_p duration std. dev. [ms] f50 % of full stops correlated with n_p
f19 s_p duration .25 quantile [ms] f51 % of full stops correlated with s_p
f20 s_p duration median [ms] f52 % of full stops correlated with f_p
f21 s_p duration .75 quantile [ms] f53 % of full stops correlated with b_p
f22 f_p(y) per minute f54 % of commas correlated with n_p
f23 % of f_p(y) time in recording f55 % of commas correlated with s_p
f24 mean f_p(y) duration [ms] f56 % of commas correlated with f_p
f25 f_p(y) duration std. dev. [ms] f57 % of commas correlated with b_p
f26 f_p(y) duration .25 quantile [ms]  
f27 f_p(y) duration median [ms]  
f28 f_p(y) duration .75 quantile [ms]