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Table 13 Top 10 positive distractor events for music (event labels related to false positive decisions of the network about the “music” class)

From: Exploring convolutional, recurrent, and hybrid deep neural networks for speech and music detection in a large audio dataset

Event Event ID Ratio \(d^{+}_{mu}\)
Percussion /m/0l14md 110/137 0.600
Pizzicato /m/0d8_n 73/78 0.588
Drum /m/026t6 82/94 0.585
Organ /m/013y1f 74/81 0.582
Keyboard (musical) /m/05148p4 77/87 0.578
Brass instrument /m/01kcd 85/116 0.524
Singing /m/015lz1 51/62 0.471
Hammond organ /m/03gvt 43/46 0.466
Bass drum /m/0bm02 43/47 0.461
Tabla /m/01p970 40/41 0.459
  1. \(d^{+}_{mu}\) score (Eq. 15) is used to rank the events. The ratio column shows the number of false positives for music where the distractor event label is found (numerator) and the number of non-music segments that contain the distractor event (denominator)