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Fig. 4

From: Search on speech from spoken queries: the Multi-domain International ALBAYZIN 2018 Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection Evaluation

Fig. 4

Example of the iterative DTW procedure. (1) The best match of Q in u[1,n] is located in u[k1,k2]. (2) Since the score is greater than the established threshold T, the search continues in the surrounding segments u[1,k1−1], and u[k2+1,n]; (3) u[k2+1,n] is not searched, because it is too short. (4) The best match of Q in u[1,k1−1] is located in u[k3,k4]. (5) Its score is lower than T, so the surrounding segments u[1,k3−1] and u[k4+1,k1−1] are not searched. The search procedure outputs the segments u[k1,k2] and u[k3,k4]

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