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Table 5 Table 5

From: Towards an Intelligent Acoustic Front End for Automatic Speech Recognition: Built-in Speaker Normalization

1G: Single-Gaussian
ACE: Arcon communicability exercise
APT: All-pass transform
ASR: Automatic speech recognition
BISN: Built-in speaker normalization
BTS: Binary tree search
BLT: Bilinear transform
CDHMM: Continuous density hidden Markov model
CMN: Cepstral mean normalization
DRT: Diagnostic rhyme test
FFT: Fast Fourier transform
GMM: Gaussian mixture model
HMM: Hidden Markov model
IFFT: Inverse fast Fourier transform
LDA: Linear discriminant analysis
LP: Linear prediction
LPC: Linear predictive coding
LPCCs: Linear prediction-based cepstral coefficients
MFCCs: Mel-frequency cepstral coefficients
MS-BTS: Model space binary tree search
MVDR: Minimum variance distortionless response
NFE: Number of feature extraction
NLC: Number of likelihood computation
NRPs: Number of recognition passes
NWs: Number of warps
PMVDR: Perceptual MVDR cepstral coefficients
SNW: Self-normalization warp
SPINEs: Speech in noise evaluations
TM: Trace measure
VAD: Voice activity detector
VTLN: Vocal-tract length normalization
VTTF: Vocal-tract transfer function
WER: Word error rate.