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Table 2 Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) values for the case where the active speakers are estimated, where the RMSE values are calculated from distance estimation in meters (m). The headings "Total" and "Active" denote the error for the entire tracking time and for the time that each speaker was determined to be active, respectively.

From: Tracking Intermittently Speaking Multiple Speakers Using a Particle Filter

  White noise RMSE Estimated noise RMSE
Error Total (m) Active (m) Total (m) Active (m)
Speaker 1 0.78 0.51 1.11 0.78
Speaker 2 0.80 0.61 1.02 0.74
Speaker 3 2.0 1.16 1.06 0.61
Average over 3 speakers 1.19 0.76 1.06 0.71